What’s Holding You Back?

We all want answers about multiple sclerosis.

We would do anything to find a cure for MS.

We want to help.

So why haven’t you signed up for iConquerMS™ to help form the Big Data needed to answer our questions about multiple sclerosis?

Maybe it’s because we haven’t answered your questions or we have  provided overwhelming amounts of information, so let me give you a quick  list of why you should enroll at iConquerMS™ -

  1. Enrollment in iConquerMS™ is free – it only takes your time and access to a computer and the internet to submit your information. You don’t have to get a ride to some clinic to complete forms and be poked and prodded.


  1. When was the last time you were asked what should be studied? People with MS have their own questions.  iConquerMS™ allows you to post those questions for researchers to study further.  This is your chance to put up those MS questions and see what answers might evolve.


  1. Everyone can participate - remember all the research you hear about and think if only you could qualify? Well you don’t have to qualify for iConquerMS™. RRMS, SPMS, PPMS, CIS, RIS – you got it, we want to hear from you.  We even take the data from people who don’t have MS.  We want everyone’s data.


  1. iConquerMS™ is overseen by the non-profit organization, Accelerated Cure Project, and is a data collection program created and run by people with MS along with key leaders in non-profit MS healthcare organizations.


  1. This is a cooperative effort. iConquerMS™ is supported and endorsed by the major multiple sclerosis  advocacy groups in the U.S., including MSAA, MSF, NMSS and CanDoMS.  Each of these organizations has a key leader sitting on the committees of iConquerMS™ and approves of the goals and our methods.


  1. iConquerMS™ turns individual data into Big Data, and then researchers can look at this larger picture and search for patterns to answer questions.


  1. It does take some time but you can save your work and return to it later and we have designed iConquerMS™ to be user friendly, and not mentally fatiguing. There are a few surveys – many of which you have seen before through your neurologist visits or other data gathering sites.  There will also be new surveys added as research questions are adopted.


  1. Each one of us holds a piece of the MS puzzle and if you’re missing, the iConquerMS™ picture won’t be complete.


  1. Remember the story of theLittle Red Hen needing help to plant, harvest and grind her wheat to make the bread? Just a few of us can't do the work to find answers. Everyone can help, especially when it’s simple to help through iConquerMS™.


  1. Your individual records and information are key to forming the Big Data iConquerMS™needs to find the answers. Please help advance multiple sclerosis research.

Our MS community is smart and involved, and will step up to the challenge to find answers through iConquerMS™.  I am the Lead Patient Representative and know this project well - I helped to design it, and from the beginning I have said you will want to help.  I still believe that.

Please sign up today or ask your questions and tell us what’s holding you back from joining iConquerMS™ for a cure to MS.

Wishing you well,


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