My Bust A Move Went Bust Awry

In the late '80s, a rapper, Young MC, popularized the phrase "bust a move," by rapping about a young man who did just that in a few scenarios. In short, the phrase means to take action of some kind. For example, you can bust a move when you want to get down on the dance floor as in one of the verses, "...she wants to dance 'cause she likes to groove...So come on girl, and just bust a move!" Or you might bust a move because it's time to go: "Let's bust a move because we have a lot of work to do tomorrow." I was trying to bust a move, but mine, unfortunately, went bust awry. Read on...

Deciding to go on a fun outing with my children

Wishing to do something special with my J's (my children: Justin and Jessica) before the end of the summer and the start of the school year, we settled on traveling to the Wild Safari Drive-Through at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. This would be a great trip for us during times of the pandemic as we'd be socially distanced automatically in our car and also for me with MS, not a lot of mobility is necessary save for getting in and out of the car to and fro.

Finalizing our plans despite a vehicle setback

Reservations were made, tickets purchased, outfits fussed over and selected (a fun thing for me since I don't get out much), plenty of excitement on deck, and then...a vehicle issue. As a result, we decided to use one that was admittedly a bit awkward for my entry and exit. But, I would not miss this opportunity and decided that I would bust a move as planned.

We had an amazing day trip

Trip day came and my son got me in our transportation device that I will refer to as the 'vehicle of not ever again,' and the three of us busted a move. Oh, we had a ball! The animals were amazing! From the giraffes who leisurely walked right up to and by our 'vehicle of not ever again' to the tigers, lions, bears, baboons, elk, etc. We had THE best time. After picking up a few souvenirs, we had lunch at Burger King right outside of the park and 'watched traffic.' The significance of this is that:

  1. Eating in the car and watching traffic while talking, laughing, cracking jokes and listening to music has always been a favorite pastime for us - until MS made it a challenge for me to eat 'gracefully' in the car
  2. I love Burger King burgers, but my contracted fingers make them difficult to hold so I can't really enjoy them

Enjoying lunch with help from my children

However, with help from my J's, we all made out just fine. After lunch, happy, full, and laden with pictures and stories of our day for our family and friends, we made the two-hour trek back to our home Delaware. And upon return, my busting a move suddenly went bust awry.

Experiencing a fall when trying to transition to my wheelchair

My spastic legs that MS has graced me with coupled with sitting for that length of time added to the extreme awkwardness of exiting myself from the 'vehicle of not ever again.' Then, transitioning to my wheelchair equaled a serious turn. After trying my hardest to save this day from ending MS-style, it all bust awrywhen I fell and managed to fracture my left fifth metatarsal bone, which is the long bone on the outside of the foot that connects the smallest toe to your ankle. And, by the way...ouch! It has landed me a stint in an acute rehab center where I'm receiving acute (as acute as my underlying diagnosis of MS allows) occupational and physical (strengthening and maintenance) therapy to try to avoid the decline of current function in other areas while undergoing the healing process.

MS complicates my healing

When I arrived, I was non-weight bearing, but now, with the Darco shoe as the orthopedist calls it, I can bear some weight, BUT...MS can never be outdone. After progress with the issue that brought me here, my compromised mobility due to motor weakness, spasticity, ataxia, and hypotonia is stirring the pot. Oh, how I wish MS would bust a move outta here!

I happily busted a move to a day of fun and it busted awry in the end. However, it didn't and cannot take away the wonderful memory of the fun my J's and I shared that day.

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