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Last updated: June 2019

I never want the theme of my writings to be misconstrued as ‘downers’ or ‘too heavy’. I want them to be received as meaningful, real, and empathetic.

Trying to stay positive even when it's hard

Multiple Sclerosis and any chronic disease are horrid just as adversity is unkind and trials are difficult. To experience any of these is painful, disheartening, and even scary. I try to reside within the boundaries of optimism such as “looking on the bright side”, “seeing the glass as half full as opposed to half empty”, or “it could be worse..." I try very hard to steer clear of ‘the land of otherwise,’ as I call it. I get it - it's hard to stay in a positive place all of the time for anyone - even me. This happens to be my reality, and I am not giving in or giving up or trying to - as if I even could - shield myself from the ‘hard parts.’

I write my truth but never want to discourage

I speak about my plight in totality and earnestly. As a writer, I write my truth, all of which can result in different tones which may resonate frustration, fear, strength, optimism, humor, advice, etc. No matter the content, my intent is always meant to connect with what the myriad of readers might need, but never to frighten, dishearten, anger or anything of the like. On the contrary, I like and hope to encourage, plant seeds of hope, positivity and knowledge that perception of your circumstances can impact an outlook. In my opinion, should the subject of every article be solely based on research or scientific data, how can those traveling this road know that they are not alone, learn how others are coping with the same plight, receive inspiration, empathy, and perhaps identify tools to help prepare for or exist with the perils they may be living with now or have the potential to face at some point with this degenerative disease?

Hearing stories about living with MS is important

As I have lived with the perils of two stages of MS for 11+ years, my writings run the gambit, but they are often based on sharing my journey and promoting my motto to 'OVERcome and not SUCcumb' by utilizing an optimistic and positive mindset approach to cope with my health challenges. This is, in my opinion, as imperative as articles with medical and research content. Those articles are both very necessary and appreciated, and also plentiful, so if one is newly diagnosed (or even in the midst of suffering) and prefers not to hear the reality of living with MS, focusing on articles bearing research, statistics, treatment data, etc. is indeed the way to go.

My focus is to spread hope and energy

It's my personal experiences that have led me to truths that science and learning sometimes denies or ignores, providing only pieces of pertinent information. I appreciate factual information and even include it in some of my writings. However, my focus is to spread messages that always give energy, hope, and contagious optimism. Meaningful messages that motivate, encourage and promote emotional well-being as an enhancement to your/our quality of life in spite of MS.

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