Yep… I’m Lazy!

** This blog is just a vent in general… it is in no way directed towards anyone or any certain situation. This particular blog post is FULL of sarcasm; you have been warned. **

Yep, I’m lazy. I choose to be this way… just because I can. I just love sitting on the couch or lying in bed and not doing much of anything, for myself or for others.

I totally plan on making a BIG production of yawning throughout the day, just because I’m THAT lazy.

I used to be active… Yeah… I stopped being so active by choice. Not because I HAD to… ((Rolls Eyes))

My whole intention of being this lazy is for people to notice & make comments about it. It’s totally on purpose that I don’t do what I used to do.

I don’t care that I see and hear about people doing things that I used to do… it’s not like I miss it… because I’m ENJOYING being purposefully lazy.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on get togethers or outings. Why do I need to catch up with them anyway? … No reason at all.. I’m perfectly CONTENT sitting around being “lazy”.

I don’t miss going outside, no matter what the temperature, and just enjoying the outside weather.

I don’t miss having energy and being productive and feeling good about what I accomplished.

I actually enjoy sitting around and taking the medication I need to, in order to not “whine and cry” about the pain that no one can see & the medication to help slow the progression of my MS, that no one can see if it’s actually preventing anything or not, unless I have a MRI booth set up at home for my convenience.

I enjoy having frequent MRI’s… because I get to lie there and be lazy… just like what I do at home.

Yeah, I totally forgot to do something that I was supposed to… not because I have a bad memory, it’s just because I’m THAT lazy.

Meh, I didn’t want to continue going to college anyway… It’s not that I couldn’t handle it because of my condition… it’s because it’s another part of how lazy I am.

Cooking and cleaning… hah! That’s funny! Why would I want to do that?

Oh look … I just got on update on Facebook… my “active” group of friends are all out having a good time… SO glad I’m not there. Talk about waste of time…

Why would I want to do any of that stuff? I enjoy being limited to my household and not doing a lot… It doesn’t bother me at all. Nope… not ONE BIT.

Yep, I’m living the dream life. I’m so thankful that I was diagnosed with MS so I can use it as an excuse to be lazy.

(Note: everything in this blog post was stating the exact OPPOSITE of how I really feel.)


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