You Know You Have MS When....

Often the idea that conveys what having MS means doesn't take many words when we're talking to others who also have this disease. I've put together my initial thoughts on "you know you have MS when..." but I would sure love to hear what else you might add to this list of one-liners that might make us smile in recognition of our own situation.

You Know You Have MS When.....

  • You open your freezer door and recognize you have more cooling packs than packs of food in cold storage.
  • You keep a shelf in the refrigerator side reserved for your meds or even have its own small mini-fridge in your bedroom.
  • You find yourself sharing the details of your toileting patterns with strangers via public forums.
  • Someplace on Facebook you post ‘those pictures’ that you would find in a medical text book.
  • Last minute cancellations happen often in your social schedule and eventually you stop scheduling anything at all just because it’s hard to explain
  • Your neurologist is also your defacto-doctor for all your symptoms because it could be your MS but it probably isn’t.
  • You walk like you are surfing, using your hands to maintain your balance as if you are trying to hang 10.
  • The weather report determines if you are going to schedule something outdoors; unlike others who love sunny, warm days you live for overcast gloomy skies to cut the heat.
  • You understand the difference between a T1 and T3 MRI and what brain lesions look like radiographically.
  • You know where all the public restrooms are located in all of your regular places and will look online to scout out the toilet locations in new venues before you go.
  • You regularly check your favorite online places where others with MS also frequent to check on how others are doing.
  • When you wear out the toes on your shoes thanks to the problem of foot drop.
  • You make virtual friends with some of the nicest people in the world that you’ve never met in person but visit with regularly only and who also just happen to have MS.
  • You understand all of this list and found yourself nodding in agreement.

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