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MS Caregiver’s Role and Support

Section 10: MS Caregiver’s Role and Support

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Written by: Jonathan Simmons | Last reviewed: May 2015.
The MS in America Study was conducted over the internet from November 2012 until January 2013. The primary goal of the study was to establish an understanding of the curent state and trends of patients affected by Multiple Sclerosis. The survey included over 100 questions on a broad range of topics. A total of 3,437 people started the survey while 2,562 people completed the survey resulting in a high completion rate of 74.5%. To participate participant had to be MS patient, over 18 years old, US citizen (living in US or abroad) or US Resident. The study was solely developed and funded by Health Union, LLC which does not manufacture, sell or market any product to diagnose, prevent or treat MS or any other disease.