Bladder Control Scale: The Latest Feature in MSAA’s My MS Manager App

Do you ever wish there was one, centralized mobile phone app to help you keep track of your multiple sclerosis symptoms?

My MS Manager™, MSAA’s free app, allows users to track disease activity, store medical information, generate charts, and more. Available on Apple iOS and Android devices, this app is instrumental in helping members of the MS community share their experiences with their healthcare team.

Living with multiple sclerosis can be a challenge, especially when experiencing a variety of symptoms that are difficult to track on a regular basis. A common physical symptom of MS is bladder dysfunction. Healthy bladder function is essential for long-term kidney health, prevention of infection, personal independence, and overall quality of life.

The Bladder Control Scale

To help people assess the extent to which bladder issues are impacting their everyday activities, MSAA has added the Bladder Control Scale to My MS Manager. This new feature is a four-question, self-report questionnaire that can help you track certain patterns and may help to start a conversation with your doctor about your bladder health.

Bladder Control Scale new feature in My MS Manager mobile app

Cognition and depression scales

In addition to the Bladder Control Scale, both a Cognition Scale and a Depression Scale have been recently added to the app to provide a more comprehensive overview of symptoms for MS patients and healthcare providers.

Other HIPAA-compliant features include optional private reminder settings, links to further educational materials from MSAA, and the ability to connect to physicians and other clinicians on your care team via the app to share your progress and reports securely as needed.

To learn more or download the free app, visit our website at or search for My MS Manager in your device’s app store.

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