Comprehensive MS Research Update Now Available from MSAA

Each and every day, progress toward newer, better, and safer multiple sclerosis treatments is being made, offering increasing hope to the MS community. While we can all rejoice that so much research relating to MS is currently underway, keeping track of all the MS-related studies - and interpreting their clinical relevance - can sometimes be stress-inducing for people with MS.

Fortunately, the Multiple Sclerosis Association of American gathers much of that data and summarizes its relevant findings into one place - the annual MS Research Update. We are pleased to announce that the 2014 edition of this publication is now available for you to read. While the vast scope of current MS research limits the amount of material that can be covered in this stand-alone issue, we have done our best to select the most pertinent studies from a wide range of sources.

Offering a comprehensive overview of the latest research findings, highlights from this Research Update include:

  • In-depth summaries of the latest clinical trials relating to the ten disease-modifying drugs currently approved by the FDA for the treatment of relapsing-remitting forms of multiple sclerosis
  • Important details on a number of studies also looking into the treatment of progressive forms of MS, which have been highlighted throughout the publication to make them easier to locate
  • Up-to-date information on experimental medications currently being researched
  • Fascinating developments regarding non-pharmaceutical MS treatments, including dietary salt intake and the therapeutic use of Vitamin D3
  • Ground-breaking new approaches in areas such as stem-cell research, therapies for myelin repair and protection, biomarkers, genetic studies, and more.

Seeking only the most credible information available, this research update was written by Dr. Stephen Krieger with Diana Schneider, PhD. It also includes material by Margaret M. McCormick, RN, BSN, MSCN and was thoroughly reviewed by Dr. Jack Burks and MSAA staff.

Please note that the authors, who are experts specializing in the field of MS, have reported on the most recent study results available at the time of publication.

Because we believe patients have the right to be active, informed participants in their own healthcare and disease management, we invite all members of the MS community to check out the Research Update and to share it with their loved ones and care partners.

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Read MSAA’s 2014 MS Research Update here.

After you’ve read it, we’d like to hear from you: what findings did you find most interesting in this year’s publication? 

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