Welcome, MS Awareness Month 2014!

Ahh, March is in bud and a wave of orange is about to spread across the country.  Welcome to MS Awareness Month!  Brought to you by the more than 500,000 people living with MS in the United States and the organizations who support them.

Working together each spring, MS organizations, people living with MS, and their friends and family focus on spreading awareness of MS in our communities, both online and at home.  It is a great time to learn more about the disease, its causes and treatments, and current research, as well as debunk common myths and misperceptions surrounding the disease.

Here at Multiplesclerosis.net, we work everyday to create awareness of the many aspects of living with this disease, but this month is special.  We have several special offerings planned, beginning with badges you can add to your social media profile photos.

The results are in for the MS in America 2014 survey!  We will be sharing those results in special slideshows and infographics throughout the month.  Check in often to learn more about what YOU had to say about living with MS.

In the second week of March, hundreds of MS activists will be stepping it up on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  At the end of the annual National MS Society Public Policy Conference on March 10-12, 2014, MS activists will ask representatives to support funding for MS research and cosponsor a bill that would increase Medicare benefits for complex rehabilitation technology. Activists will also invite representatives in the House and Senate to join the Congressional MS Caucus to demonstrate commitment to finding policy solutions to those affected by MS.

While the pink cherry blossoms may not yet be in bloom at the Tidal Basin, beautiful orange buds of MS activists will be adding color to the landscape of DC.  You can join the wave of orange by changing your avatars and profile photos on our website, Facebook, and Twitter to support MS awareness online.

Our bloggers will be sharing not only the good, bad, and ugly of MS, but also the hopeful, helpful, and healthy aspects of living with this disease.  We will discuss recent MS research and news as well as feature the MS stories that you have shared throughout our inaugural year.  It is your contribution which makes our community unique and a great place to connect with others.

And did you catch that?  March 2014 marks our First Anniversary!  It has been an awesome year and we look forward to learning more about what MS Means To You, not just this month but throughout the coming year.

Are you planning to raise awareness about MS this month?  Do you have special plans of your own?  Please let us know.  Thank you for being part of the MS community on MultipleSclerosis.net and for sharing your stories here and on our Facebook page.

Welcome to MS Awareness Month!  We are very glad you are here.

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