Welcome to the NEW mymsaa.org!

MSAA has completely redesigned our website, mymsaa.org! The newly revised site still includes all of the same detailed information about multiple sclerosis that you’ve come to depend on as part of the MS community.

Check out the new revitalized look and feel at mymsaa.org!

Created with our audience in mind, the new website at mymsaa.org has been designed to be compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices allowing for easier access to all of our vital information and resources.

Notable highlights of the newly-redesigned website include:

  • An updated homepage with enhanced graphics and links to essential resources and topics such as our section on MS Symptoms, our MS Conversations blog, and our top videos.
  • MSAA’s comprehensive MS Information section has been revised for easier navigation and to include more details about MS, its symptoms, long-term treatments, and important topics for individuals who are newly diagnosed.
  • A new section titled, My MSAA Community, featuring links to information on our educational programs, the My MS Manager™ mobile app, and the latest news from MSAA.
  • Enhanced sections on ways to support MSAA – highlighting exciting ways to contribute your time or donations to the MS community.
  • New ways to engage with MSAA and share our content on your social networks and more!!

Please visit mymsaa.org to see all of these enhancements and let us know your thoughts at CommDept@mymsaa.org.

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