World MS Day 2014 Is May 28: Join Our Family And Let Us Know What You Wish

World MS Day is May 28, a day to not only raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis, but also a day to give patients and their loved ones a chance to say what their wishes are about MS.  Using only 130 characters we are being asked to finish one simple sentence:

 “One day….”

This is not an easy task.  There is so much we want to say – so much we need to say - about MS.  There are the hopes, fears, dreams and frustrations we experience and think about while living with an illness with no known cause or cure.

It’s hard to whittle down what’s in our hearts using only 130 characters.  But it’s exactly what we are doing, like we always do, with courage and dignity.

On May 28, visit the World MS 2014 site to read what others have to say. Post your own statement.  After all, whether you have MS or not, if you are reading this it means you are a part of our family, the MS family, joined together in the fight against MS.

Here is a family of mine. My online family. They are MS patients and family members who work together to support, listen and educate each other as we struggle with our daily battles with MS. We talk online every day, sharing our MS lives.

I guess you could say one of the “best” parts of having MS is finding a group who share a common goal of living the best life possible while we wait for a cure.

In honor of World MS Day, I want to honor my MS family by giving them a voice to express themselves about their hopes about MS. They have hopes and dreams like we all do.  Take a look at their wishes, and add your own wishes in our comments.

Welcome to our family.

  • “My wish for MS is that I win the lottery tomorrow and have enough funds to treat everyone to CCSVI/TVAM, stem cell therapy and the EBV vaccine. I also wish that all people with MS could learn how to fight it with diet and nutrition, and do so!  My final wish is that we can stop and reverse it, and regain our wonderful and productive lives.” ~Kit Minden
  • “I wish that we could actually receive a treatment that works! If not, then a cure.” ~Roxane Chesbro
  • “It is time for doctors to stop prescribing the DMDs that erroneously target our immune systems, increase susceptibility to depression and anxiety, and cause increased costs in health premiums for all patients and their coworkers. It is time for the health insurance companies to advocate for their subscribers in this endless pro-prescription trial and error "treatment" for Multiple Sclerosis, and begin educating all doctors about nutrition and quality of life issues.” ~Terry Crawford Palardy
  • “My wish with having MS is that all GP's, orthopedic doctors, emergency room doctors and nurses fully know the overall MS symptoms. I truly believe many people are left undiagnosed, because "red flag "symptoms are overlooked, and MS is not being looked at as a possible cause for numbness in the feet, blurred vision, or continuous forgetfulness. If they all understood it, well, I myself could have been having my MS treatment over 10 years ago.” ~Susan Ellenberger Lovelace
  • “My MS wish is that the world could be patient with us and understand that we are not our MS! We are all exceptional individuals that have had so much taken away from us. People should join the MS movement, understand that we have limited spoons and that we are not the product of this illness. Delve deeply, ask questions and love us unconditionally, and you will find out the dynamic people that we are.”~Priscilia Benedicto-Stanley
  • “My wish is that each one of us do all we can physically each day, inspire others with our profound faith and live each day as our last knowing that our purpose is to love and be loved.” ~Wendy Mueller
  • “That one day when someone says MS, it no longer exists.” ~Renee Berry
  • “My wish for MS is that they find a cure, and not just expensive medications.” ~Diane Dilzell
  • “When I was a new mom diagnosed 10 years ago this spring, I would not have guessed that a machine like this would keep me walking to keep in step with my kids, to keep one foot in front of the other, to keep going, to keep beating MS.” ~Rachel Lovejoy
  • “I am sure everyone wishes for a cure, but outside of that I wish there were more studies about natural things that slow progression, or just help with symptoms, such as nerve damage.” ~Rachel Farnsler-Bowditch.

How would you answer "One day..."?

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