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Does anyone take pain medication?

So, I’ve had MS now for a few years. Lately, I’ve been getting really bad muscle tightening and spasms. It’s just so painful. What do I do? My doctor says MS is not painful, and I have barely slept in a week. I’m tired and in constant pain.

Community Answers
  • Stevess1
    3 months ago

    I was in pain management for over a decade and had 2 major back surgerys before I was diagnosed with MS. I thought the fatigue and memory loss and other “gifts” from MS was side effects from the pain medication.

  • Bayoubaby
    4 months ago

    I was in Pain Management for 13 years, still on 3 hydrocodone a day, when I was diagnosed with MS.
    My clinic closed in 2017, throwing 100s of us out with no doctor accepting new pts. I’ve been without pain meds for a year.
    Lemme tell you, MS HURTS! Though you know that.

    The opioids are MUCH safer for me than the 5000-6000mg Motrin
    I take now. I was a compliant for 13 years, so addiction was not an issue. Motrin at high levels can cause GI bleeds, and kills 1000s.

    Gabapentin for nerve pain is very popular amongst MDs now. But it can have bad side effects and studies show it is ineffective on muscle or joint or bone pain.

    A good muscle relaxer, and an MD who believes the patient is a good start. I would die without my heating pad or cold packs-lol…

    I wish you the best.

  • Hope1
    5 months ago

    I’m sorry to hear your in pain but unfortunately it seems to go with territory. MS is a terrible illness for anyone to have, i was diagnosed with progressive MS 5 years ago now and it seems every day is the same, what i mean by that is PAIN FATIGUE ACES SICKNESS and MEMORY LOSS. Like myself we all do our best too carry on and take advice from those who know whats best for us but I’d give my life up if the doctors would just find a cure for the next generation.

  • ColletteLeonor
    5 months ago

    I have had great relief using Gabapentin, baclofen and often use ibuprofen. Sometimes for spasms I use a heating pad….especially on my back. The gabapentin has not completely eliminated the burning and strong vibrations in my extremities. My neurologist has helped me to vary the dosages to maximize my comfort….though the pain or discomfort is never fully gone…..never.

  • dgerbing
    4 months ago

    Sorry not trying to be mean but almost laughing gabapentin and most of that other stuff does not work yeah most of it doesn’t work on most people I’ve talked to hundreds literally hundreds of people. Yes I am taking gabapentin and some other muscle relaxers which I’m taking them just because the doctor says I have to I do take other medications to what is it hydrocodone. But but it is limited to only 4 a day. Some days I may not need that many. I have cut myself down. But I’m living with pain still. So I do not know what the answer is

  • Srob5052
    2 days ago

    I too have PPMS, after being diagnosed because I had optic neuritis. Which after 13 years I still have it. But when the real monster MS decided to show me it’s not an easy disease the pain in my legs is a 24/7 ordeal I’m in pain management but I don’t believe they truly understand just how HORRIBLE this pain is. My neurologist has me on Baclofen & Lyrica. I honestly believe the neurologist need to realize that for some of us that these drugs don’t do anything to relieve the PAIN!

  • ColletteLeonor
    5 months ago

    If your Dr says MS does not cause pain then you you need another Dr. I cannot believe a reputable MS neurologist would say such a thing.

  • vvxjr9
    5 months ago

    You are so right. I can’t imagine continuing to go to a neurologist that would say MS does not cause pain. It certainly does, unfortunately.

  • Donna Steigleder moderator
    5 months ago

    @jab2o10 Congratulations on your hard work in kicking your addiction and staying free all this time. It’s quite an accomplishment and speaks to your determination to take care of yourself. I’m thankful you are doing well and grateful you have shared your story with us. Thank you for being part of our commmunity. Donna S. Moderator

  • jab2o10
    5 months ago

    My pain mgmt doctor prescribed opana. I took it for almost ten years. My doctor slowly increased the dosage to a point where I didn’t realize the horrible effects it was having on my health. I finally realized that I wasn’t thinking straight and had become physically dependent. It was a horrible experience getting off the opioid, but I did, and never again will I take it. I am also really surprised that I don’t feel worse since kicking the dependency.

  • meandMyShadow
    8 months ago

    My neurologist prescribed Tramadol (gabapentin). Works well enough. NO Opioids. I also take regular strength acetaminophen, when necessary, but use it sparingly. Have dealt with MS diagnosis for 41 years so am well-versed in its pain. Get plenty of rest and spoil yourself. Judi

  • Bayoubaby
    4 months ago

    Hi, Tramadol is a synthetic opioid, though a mild one. Gabapentin is generic for Neurontin, which is prescribed for nerve pain.

    Just wanted to let you know!
    Best of luck!

  • Shelby Comito moderator
    11 months ago

    Hi @Jadanne, I’m so sorry to hear you’re in so much pain and that you haven’t found help from your doctor. While community members may share their personal experience with you, I thought you might be interested in knowing that many find it helpful to get a second opinion when their doctor isn’t providing them with the kind of care they need. I thought I’d also share with you this article on types of pain associated with MS and typical treatment options:
    I hope this provides you with some help. Keep in mind that treatments work differently for different people, so we definitely encourage you to speak with a doctor or specialist about what would be right for you. We really hope you’re able to get the kind of health care you deserve. Please keep us posted. Best, Shelby, Team Member

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