MS Awareness Month

Spotlight: MS Awareness Month 2017

March is MS Awareness Month! There are so many ways you can promote awareness and from home, too! Here are just a few ways you can help spread awareness through change your avatar, discover what others have to say about awareness, share your story, post in the forums, vote in our awareness poll, follow us on Facebook, and tweet us on Twitter using the hashtag #MSAwareness!

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    Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month: My Rock Stars Are The Ones Making a Difference In Our Lives
    By Cathy Chester - March 16, 2016
    March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. I thought this would be the perfect time to thank a segment of people who work hard every day to find ways to make our lives a little better...

    What WE Need to do to Raise MS Awareness
    By Matt Allen G - June 14, 2015
    I often hear people (myself included at one point) complain that there is not enough awareness about Multiple Sclerosis...

    Me and My Many Hats- A Day in the Life of a MS Expert/Patient/Student/Etc…
    By Stephanie Buxhoeveden, RN, MSCN - March 12, 2015
    I was recently reading an article about the morning routines of some of the most successful U.S. business women. Well, I wish I could unread that article quite frankly. I failed to see a single parallel between their average day and mine...

    Self-Advocacy is the New Orange: How Do You Raise MS Awareness?
    By Kim Dolce - March 9, 2015
    When we mention Multiple Sclerosis, we want to see the light of knowledge and familiarity ignite in a person’s eyes. The opposite of that would be indifference, the thousand-yard stare of ignorance, apathy, fear. Thanks to social media...

    How do you spread awareness? Share your story with the community.
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