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Awareness Month 2021: MS – A Multitude of Stories

Last updated: October 2022

March marks Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. It is hard to believe that it was Awareness Month last year when a global pandemic hit and so much of our world got put on hold.

However, we know life with MS never gets to press pause. There were many aspects of this past year that pulled the curtain back, even if only a peek, and revealed what people with MS deal with every day – social isolation and anxiety, financial stress, and hypervigilance when it comes to staying healthy and keeping germs at bay, just to name a few.

MS: A multitude of stories

Last year, we asked the community, "If you could redefine what the M and the S of MS stood for, what would it be?" We heard such a wide variety of creative, heartfelt, honest responses that it inspired this year's theme: MS – A Multitude of Stories. We created this video below with a compilation of some of your responses.


If there is anything we know about MS, it is that it impacts people so differently. Each and every one of your stories is distinct and unique, and they matter. This awareness month, we want to hear your story. Keep reading to discover ways you can participate and join us in spreading awareness this month and beyond.

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Tell your MS story

One of the best ways to raise awareness is by sharing your own story. Not only does it deepen understanding and knowledge sharing, but it also helps other people navigating this chronic condition feel a little less alone.

How many years have you been living with MS? Which type of MS do you have? Which symptoms did you first experience that led you to pursue medical attention? How has your life changed since diagnosis? Join the conversation in our forums and connect with others.

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