MS & Relationships

MS & Relationships

MS can feel like the uninvited third wheel in a relationship and makes maintaining relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners so much more challenging. It can be so frustrating when those closest don't understand the impact MS has on everyday life. So this month we're focusing on MS and relationships.

Most of all though we want to hear from YOU! How has MS impacted your friendships and relationships? Vote in a poll, participate in our Q&A, or share a story about MS and your relationships.


How has MS impacted your relationships and friendships?
Have any tips or advice for managing relationships and MS?
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Me, Myself, and MS
By Marc Stecker-Wheelchair Kamikaze—October 12, 2017
Among the countless aspects of life impacted by the MS are relationships; both the external we have with others and the internal we have with ourselves...

Marriage & MS: The Ultimate Relationship Exam
By Devin Garlit—January 18, 2018
So I’m sitting here, just flabbergasted that it’s happened again. For the third time in just this month, a fellow MS Warrior has confided in me that their significant other is leaving them because of their disease...

Some Things To Remember About Your Friends And Family With A Chronic Illness
By Devin Garlit—November 29, 2016
I’m not writing this to vent some scrooge-like thoughts, but rather as a little warning to those of you who know people with MS or other similar diseases. While we don’t all have these problems, there are certainly many of us who do...

Friends Forever! … Or Not?
By Ashley Ringstaff—August 15, 2014
So what do I mean by that title… Well, here are a few thoughts that are running through my head...

MS – The Permanent Third Wheel: Moving in with my Boyfriend
By Meghan Pcsolyar—September 24, 2016
Everyone is taught that moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a HUGE step. It is something that you have to seriously think about and talk about...

Online Friendships
By Matt Allen G—April 1, 2015
I am almost 25 years of age. I should be out with friends doing the stupid stuff people my age do. Or maybe I should be in school living the life of a dedicated student full of aspirations? I don’t know...

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