Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

With spring rolling in, many are getting the itch to organize and tidy up after all those dreary winter months spent inside. Therefore, this April we're focusing on spring cleaning. For many living with multiple sclerosis, household chores and organizing can be both physically and mentally challenging though. And, sometimes cleaning doesn't mean cleaning of your actual physical space but also your emotional mindset and well-being. As the spring months arrive, we almost feel like we're ready for a new start. So, below we've included articles with some tips and tricks on how to tackle spring cleaning!

Most of all though we want to hear from you! What tips and life hacks do you have for cleaning when you're unable to do certain tasks or really don't feel up to it?! Let us know by posting in the our forums, sharing your story, or tweeting!

Spring Cleaning


Do you have any cleaning advice or any tips and tricks to make your spring cleaning easier? Please share it with us in our spring cleaning forum:

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Have a story on how you manage to clean and organize both your physical space and emotional well-being? Share your story with the community here:

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Tweet us with any tips and tricks you use to clean your home and mindset while living with MS using the with the #SpringClean:


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Spring Cleaning
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Folks, it happens every spring. My brain crawls out of its hibernating cave, squints in the morning light, and wipes the winter sleep from its eyes, ready to receive hopeful, happy thoughts...

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Cleaning is cleaning, and it’s always fatiguing when you have MS...

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By Ashley Ringstaff - February 19, 2015
I know how hard it is to stay organized in general – but throwing MS into the mix of life itself can be downright unattainable...

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