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Last updated: September 2019

Living with MS is tough, and when those around you at home don’t get it, it’s tough to know where to go to get the support you need and deserve. You might not think to turn online at first, but a community like is a great place to connect with others going through similar experiences with MS. It might be hard to find someone that you can talk to in your immediate circle, but here, you have access to so many people who understand what life with MS is really like. Tap into them!

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You can ask a question and hear from others who can relate:
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Do you want to know about others’ experiences with specific treatments? Are you looking for tips to make daily tasks and chores easier with the limited energy you’re working with? You can start or add to a discussion in our forums about any topic.

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Do you just need to vent, or do you want to share your unique story with others? You can do that, too!

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Best of all, there are tons of articles written by people living with MS that recognize all that you may be going through. Check out a few of them below!

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