The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Spotlight: Pets and Health

Last updated: June 2018

Did you know that February 20, 2017 is #LoveYourPet Day? So, this month's spotlight feature is on pets and health. We're sharing info on how pets can impact living with MS, things to consider when owning a pet, and how you can care for your pet when you are not feeling so well.

There's nothing better than watching a funny cat Youtube video or getting snuggles from your pet. But did you know that there are actual health benefits to pet ownership?

If you #LoveYourPet, we've got something for you to check out. Follow us on Twitter to talk about how your pet helps YOU. Use the hashtag #LoveYourPet and tweet us about how your pet helps you each day. Don’t have a pet stay tuned, our daily articles may give some tips!

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Woof, meow, tweet…the benefits of having pets in our MS life
By Christie Germans - December 16, 2013
Dog, cat, chinchilla, hamster, ferret, fish, bearded dragon, parakeet, pig, monkey – whatever your choice, pets really make us feel good, better even, as we live with chronic illness and disability. Not only can they provide physical assistance...

You’ve Got a Friend in Me
By Stephanie Buxhoeveden, RN, MSCN - September 5, 2014
In the great dog versus cat debate, I have always been an outspoken member of team dog...

Inspiration is Everywhere – Community Feedback
By Editorial Team—November 27, 2015
Inspiration comes in many forms: The love of a child. The purr of a cat. The solace of a good book...

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Pets and Health

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