A Dream Come True At The Barbecue

When I first started my free Get Back Your Music jam sessions for patients with any neurological disorder, a goal was to form a “band of misfits”, if you will, made up of players with MS, Parkinson’s, CP, etc. That dream not only came true, we performed our first “gig” at the 2017 MS Center Barbecue. The band is called Axon, named after the long myelinated fiber that is part of a neuron. Our line up at present consists of three of us with MS of varying stages, a drummer with cerebral palsy and a keyboardist/guitarist with Parkinson’s disease. When we play music together, we are not aware of our various conditions. We are in the zone and enjoying making music. That’s our passion. Don’t give up on yours! Here we are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y1zCBDxBsE

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