Dean Vs MS

Last updated: April 2014

I'd like to bring to your attention some amazing work that a friend of mine is doing to raise funds for his local MS Therapy Centre as well as raising awareness of MS.

Dean Reilly was diagnosed with MS in October 2012. Since then he has taken part in many challenges including the Edinburgh Marathon, the Mighty Deerstalker, various 10k's and will soon be stepping into the boxing ring with former world champion, Steve Collins (aka The Celtic Warrior).

Dean is an inspiration to many. Despite lapses relating to his MS, he is tirelessly trying to come up with ways to raise funds for the therapy centre that he, and many others use.

Your support would be so much appreciated. You can simply like his Facebook page ( or donate via his Virgin Moneygiving page (donation information on the Facebook page). Or why not buy a limited edition Dean Vs MS wristband to show your support.

Tickets are still available for the upcoming event with Steve Collins on 30th May 2014 in Edinburgh. For further information about what Dean is doing, please send him a message via the Facebook page.

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