The Devil in the Closet

It all started in 2009 when I noticed a change in me. I started having trouble with balance and having trouble with my walking. I started to have trouble with remembering simple things.

Anyway, I went to my family doctor, and I was sent to the MS doctor, and so fourth. The doctor said no way that you have MS. I went for MRIs and saw another doctor, I had brain lesion in 2010.

I said I seen the devil in my closet, to the doctor. I know my body. He said you’re not doctor and so fourth!

All I could remember, what my Aunt, told me in 1990. She had got the word, that she had MS and so fourth. She told me of this crazy, dream she, had! It was either about me or my sister she had said!

She said that I had MS like her! What a thrill, right? Not! I was only a 16 year old. I think it way she curse me! I mean she that, and guess what, I end up with multiple sclerosis.

The devil in the, closet of course, is MS.

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