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I’m not a drug addict

The general public seems to think if you have MS and are on medication, then you are a drug addict.

I take five (5) MILLIGRAMS of Hydrocodone 2-3 times a MONTH, sometimes not that often. I am on mediation for mental problems which doctors began to treat years ago instead of MS (as much was not known then). I still do have to take 3/4 of a Xanax, 40 Milligrams of Prozac, now, after years of struggling, 5-10 MILLIGRAMS Ambien, each night. Doctors have continuously told me that what I take is almost nothing compared to what others take. I have to take these medications but only as needed.

I am now learning the process of meditation and other things to live with this including diet.

I hope things are going to look up soon for me and everyone with this disease since more things are becoming available to help.

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  • Margaret
    3 years ago

    Hello everybody, my name is Margaret and I was dx back in 2012 w RRMS. I thought I was going to go crazy, I hurt all over and cudn’t talk right, what I was thinking and trying to say were two completely different things. I wud tell my children something’s wrong and when I wud walk I staggered around and my children wud tease me and ask me if I was drunk. I was also in and out of ER and the hospital, they didn’t know what was wrong w/me. It got so bad that I was accused of just coming in to get drugs! (Pain meds) they wud jack me up w/morphine and when it wore of I wud be right back in there, on top of everything my legs felt like they were on fire, I was wrapped in ace bands that I looked like a walking mummy, I wud litterly beg the Dr’s to help stop the pain! Make the story short, I finally got to see a neurolgist, she had done ct scans of my back cuz I have 4 herniated disc’s and they thought that was the cause of my pain and other stuff going on, my hands and feet were starting to curl up and she said if its affecting ure hands its something w/ure head, so she did another scan this time of my head, thats where she found the liasions, the day she dx me was probably the happiest day I’ve been in a long time, it may sound crazy but I seriously thought I was losing it. She put me on copaxne and I did a turn around, but I still have problems but now somebody believes me. Happy holidays, maybe somebody out there is going thru what I’ve been thru, please know there’s help out there. I know its hard when the ppl who are supposed to help u (Dr’s)just add to the problem! But don’t give up.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi ojpv7i, thanks for being part of the community and for sharing your thoughts.

    Unfortunately, that kind of judgement is something that many in the community are all too familiar with. Please know that we’re always here and happy to share support and understanding. – Warmly, Donna ( team)

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