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Living with MS – Our family…

Our daughter Siobhan had to do a final project for Psychology Class. She is a senior in HS.

She chose to educate and share our personal struggle with MS.

She made a short film about the Neuropsychology of MS – complete with family impact interviews.

We are very proud of her and so far we have received good feedback on the project – I hope you enjoy it! She received an A+ 🙂

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  • Patricia
    6 years ago

    I loved the way your daughter took time out to make people aware of the two lives we live with MS. I too go thought just what her dad, your husband experience. It is very depressing. I am a RN. Graduated with a bachelor degree. I had 3 years to enjoy my new career before my supervisor felt my MS would maybe get worse and she needed my position for her friend. Therefore I was “verbally medically retired”. It took me about 5 years to stop fighting for my hard earned job and crying. But now I accept it. Especially it seem that after the worries and stress I began to exhibit MS symptoms. I am told I am in the 3rd stage. I still think well but the fatigue and pain can be debilitating. I loved the video. It was so straight to the point and so real about me. Thank-you for sharing. She deserved a well good A++++. 😀

  • synapticmisfire
    6 years ago

    I love how this coveys the effects of MS on family life. The interviews with the family members are especially powerful. And the graphics are unbelievable; very professional-looking. – Chris

  • Bettie
    6 years ago

    I thought you did a wonderful job explaining MS in laymans lauguage. The more we talk about MS the more information gets out, the more people won’t be afraid. Awareness is important. Thanks for this wonderful video. Everyone should watch. Sharing is caring…. Bettie

  • Laura Kolaczkowski
    6 years ago

    Please relay to your daughter what a beautiful job she did with this project for not only explaining MS but showing the very real and personal side for the person with MS and the family. We are all in this together even though only one of us takes the pills. wishing you all well, Laura

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