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Losing Weight With MS

I am a 35 year old male from a small city in North Carolina called North Wilkesboro.

In 2006 my mother died from complications of Primary Progressive MS. Not very long after she died I began to have my own symptoms, blurred vision, muscle spasms, tingling, and a major loss of balance. It had gotten so bad that I could not even walk without assistance.

After hundreds of tests, and Dr. Visits, I was diagnosed with MS myself in 2007. I was also told that it was possible that I would never regain the balance to walk again, So  I did the wrong thing I gave up. I went through a severe bout of depression. I began to pretty much let my life go, smoking, eating unhealthy food, not even trying to exercise. I figured what’s the point. As I lived this way my weight began to increase I gained from 190lbs to a huge 290. My life was getting out of control. But my life was about to change…

In 2008 just a few months before my daughter was born my balance began to improve. I went back to the Dr. and was told that my MS was found to be better than they had originally thought. I only had the Relapsing Remitting form. Which means that my health could improve! Even though this was great news I still continued to struggle. Mainly because I believed there was no way possible that I could lose all of that weight. But my life was about to change again.

In late 2009 my older brother committed Suicide. My world was shaken and for another 2 years I lived in my self-pity. Finally in May of 2012 I was tired of living this way and knew I had to make a change. I had two beautiful baby girls, and I was not only wasting my life, I was wasting an important part of theirs. In June of 2012 I put down the cigarettes for the last time. An after making two weeks smoke free, I thought to myself wow… Now if I can do that….. Hummmm. So I started searching for something. Anything that would help. I found a company called Beachbody. And in July 2012 I started Tai Cheng and P90X. I asked my Dr. and she really advised against it, but I was fighting back against MS, Depression, and Obesity and what she said wouldn’t stop me. So late July I started. I had to push myself so hard to keep going because not only was this program hard, But Hot and MS don’t mix. I kept going through with every ounce of energy I had I was going to fight this. There were days I had to lay on the floor for 15 min after the workout but I was doing it. After making it the first 90 days I had lost 28lbs. So I started again. Still struggling some but my strength was increasing and I could see I was going to be able to make it again. After those 90 days I had lost 30 more lbs. And so I started again and after finishing this time, I had made it down to 196 lbs. Not only was I feeling better, off BP medicine, lowered my heart rate, I had lost 100 lbs.

Today as I am sitting here I have lost 111 lbs., my quality of life is so much better. And there is so much more of this I can tell but I am trying to keep it brief I have realized that I can do anything I set my mind to. I have also realized there are a lot of people out there that need motivation and help. An there are people with disabilities that need someone to inspire them to try. I honestly feel like God may be inspiring me to be that person. He has given me the opportunity to at least share this with others and given me the strength to do it. I want to open my own Gym for them, but will never be able to afford that. So I am trying to spread my story to millions of people, and be that Inspiration.  

Thank you so much for your time and for reading!!

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  • Lisacpa
    6 years ago

    Adrian, your story is indeed, inspiring! Congratulations! I’ve been on a downhill trend for the past 2 1/2 years, & am about to leave my job on a disability claim. I’m fighting depression mightily, & really, have been since I was about 16, but your story has encouraged me to NOT give up the fight! Thank you! For anyone reading this, I think it’s important to know that depression is a symptom of MS. It seems obvious that people Dx with MS would get depressed, right? But it’s actually a symptom; that is, MS CAUSES depression. Events & circumstances can certainly worsen it, but it literally, really is all in your head. It’s not a character weakness or flaw.

  • Stephanie Buxhoeveden, RN, MSCN
    6 years ago

    Hello Adrian!

    I really enjoyed reading your story, it has really motivated me. I was diagnosed in January of this year, prior to my MS diagnosis I had done P90X twice, was a rower, and did crossfit 4x per week. Exercising for me wasn’t just about health but was definitely my way of socializing. I move often and joining crossfit gyms or crew teams have always been my favorite way to meet new people and make friends. I took it easy for a few months and stayed out of the gym but now I’m starting to ramp my activity level back up with swimming, biking, and weight training again. Even though I still mostly look the same on the outside I feel like I have a whole different body than I used to have. I went to the gym last week on a really hot day and since then both of my feet have been completely numb. It’s hard to tell when to push through and when I need to rest (or perhaps modify, modify, modify in the words of Tony hahaha). Do you have any advice on how to listen to your body and to adapt your workout to your symptoms? Do you ever get numbness after doing a difficult workout?

    Keep up the good work, you should be very proud of how much you have accomplished!

  • starsfan8
    6 years ago

    I am that one that you are talking to that needed your inspiration today. I am a 52 year old recovering bulimic who still eats out of emotion though I don’t purge like I used to…I have an anxiety disorder which I am in therapy to work on (as well as the eating disorder) and on top of that, I was diagnosed with MS when I was 43…all of it just came crashing in and I went into depression which I have pretty much been in since then. Add in solulmedrol treatments 3 times, each time gaining weight that I didn’t lose, and the heat, and you will find a big mess! I am 100 lbs. overweight and have been trying to find the motivation to fight through it all and not just give up…in February/March I was at the ‘give up’ stage…but today, things are better…attitude is better…I am feeling better (just started Tysabri in January so not sure if it is helping me to feel better as well) but I am just having to set one day at a time goals, getting up, doing something besides playing with Facebook games and talking to people online all day…and getting a few things done. I have started small…learning to eat healthier and more whole foods, let processed stuff…walking through that as sometimes I want what I want and I haven’t found the way to fight that yet. I have an elliptical and I can’t do it long yet…it is a stretch to make 10 minutes on it, but as I am walking pretty good right now, I am trying to make that a daily goal, and mostly, I am just trying to engender a better attitude…less of a victim mentality, and more of a ‘taking care of myself’ mode. Slowly I am feeling better and reading your post was one more thing that added to my inspiration…thank you. I will read your story again when I get discouraged…it means a lot to me.

  • Kim Imus Schaefer
    6 years ago

    I too was originally diagnosised Primary Prosgive when I was 21 and told I would NEVER walk again. I went thru Cytoxin (chemotherapy) for 10 days 4 times a day and did visualization while receiving the treatments. I could NOT feel ANYTHING from the neck down when I was in the hospital but I was TOTALLY determined to prove my doctor wrong and walk out of that hospital.

    So I understand where you are coming from. Power of the mind is INCREDIBLE! I am walking today w/o assistance 22 years later.

  • melly3183
    6 years ago

    Truly inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story. I used to belong to a gym, but had to give that up after being diagnosed with MS. Even my home workouts sometimes prove to be too much for me. Keep on pushing!

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