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Medical marijuana

Long story short… I’m 55 and I’ve had RRMS most of my adult life – I was told multiple times I did not have MS! On July 31 2012 I had what appeared to be a stroke – I couldn’t speak normal words! Much fuss and debate in the ER finally lead to my true diagnosis of secondary progressive.

Fast forward– over the past two years I’ve tried every recommended therapy to no avail and continue to decline. I suffer pain often and oxycodone is all that helps. I’m a RN and I hate the withdrawal periods, or being altered daily.

Medical marijuana is legal in CT now, I moved here to live out my life after loosing my home.
I met with my doctor yesterday for my monthly medication refills, and informed him that I have been approved for my MMP Card. I have informed him all along that this was my plan to ward off increasing need for narcotics. He then told me if I use Cannibis he can no longer give me oxycodone!

I’m so very tired of fighting to have quality of life. And I can’t live with the kind of pain I suffer frequently. I’m palliative at this point. Help!

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  • alchemie
    5 years ago

    I’m ALL for the legalization. Always have been – its just a plant! Unfortunately, its still illegal under federal law. Doesn’t matter if its for medical reasons or not. Anyway, I’m not sure what I can say about your case. Maybe find another doctor?

  • Kick
    5 years ago

    Lying will only get you cut off from both. I get tested by my pain management Dr often. The THC stopped the pins and needles but did nothing for my back and neck. I had to give up one for the other. I can get around now but the people I’m around think something’s up when a small breeze gets me mad as I haven’t told them about my MS. As for the stroke,you’re very lucky,if they treated you for a stroke you’d be worse off. I had that as my final diagnosis For MS. I was just starting to make the change from construction to writing music when my right side went out on me. My hand,arm,leg and speech were all gone.

  • Christine Johnny
    5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this very personal story. I thought that I was asking for too much. When the doctors asked me if I was smoking marijuana and I said yes the crazy doctors would not give me the pain medication. What in the world was I thinking about. To be honest with my friend the doctor. All of a sudden I was lower than a dog. What can we do to let all doctors know that without the pain medication I will sit IN ONE SPOT for long periods of time because moving around has my body squeezing me. My thighs ,my stomach and my back suffers from muscle cramps. Marijuana help stimulate your mind. Keep you from thinking so much about the pain. All MS’ers that suffer from pain we need to express to the entire world that MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS HURTS DAY AND NIGHT. At times the MS ask you why continue to live in this agony. ESPECIALLY since it seems like no one believes me/you. All MSers don’t suffer with pain but the ones that do , We need doctors to know that we are suffering.

  • Lynn author
    5 years ago

    Until doctors realize this is NOT a legal/ personal issue, but a quality of life issue, and are educated and knowledgable about Medical Marijuann and the proven science behind it, we are on our own! Sad, that you can get it anywhere illegally, but if you use it legally, as a last resort, or safely in conjunction with RX meds…. Ignorance remains – and we must have pain, plead for increasing doses of narcotics with dangerous risks. It’s frightening to me! Have you ever asked for help and been told NO! Makes you want to give up!

  • Lynn author
    5 years ago

    Thank you! I did come up with an alternative plan… Lie to my doctor!

  • Mare
    5 years ago

    My state of New York finally has it but it will be the most restricted of all in the United States (mostly cancer patients) who will be eligible. It is going to take eighteen (18) months before they are ready to dispense it in only twenty (20) hospitals in the entire state.

    I foresee taking pills for my pain and trying to get medical marijuana. It will probably be the same. Choose which is more important to you the pills or the plant but not both!

    I am sick and tired of being treated like a drug addict (have been on the same dose of med’s for the last 7 years). You have to show ID when you pick up your prescription. They go over your record of what date you picked up your pills at each doctor’s visit. I can count to 30 and never try to get it early — besides insurance would bounce it anyway.

    I am not trying to get high. Give it to me in food, butter, spray, vaporize it — whatever. It does help with the horrible pain I am in every day of my life. Give us a break and give us BOTH!

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