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This morning I woke up overwhelmed with all the things I could or should do today. MS causes me fatigue when I have to make all the little decisions of daily living. Just considering what to do next can cause me to feel paralyzed.

I recently got a request to participate in a study that focuses on MS cognitive issues and activities of daily living. At first, I thought this does not apply to me much, but today’s issues prove that it does.

One thing I thought I should do today is order groceries. Going to the store and deciding what to get off the shelf, while dealing with all the people around me is just too much. So I usually order my groceries online and go pick them up. But, they charge $10 for this service so I only do it when I can review everything I could need and spend at least $150.

I have vegan friends coming over tomorrow for dinner. I have an idea of modifying a recipe to make it vegan for them. This is the one thing I want to do, thus getting groceries.

I finally decided to go to the store tonight after church and just get the stuff for tomorrow. Grocery stores are not crowded on Saturday nights. I will deal with the rest of this another time.

I felt better after making this decision, so I hung some clothes I had folded, did a few dishes in the sink and cleaned the stove top before I sat down and wrote this. Simple tasks that I can accomplish without having to THINK.

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  • wudalver
    2 years ago

    It is so to know I’m not the only one that suffers.from this i admit i suffer from crs.i admit that i think of something turn around and can’t remember what i was doing. Example i was simply doing and i lost the tv remote really?! I thought i completely lost my mind i just had it i was ready to have a melt down frustrated i about gave up then i went in the kitchen right there on my wheel chair was the tv remote.when did i do that so i look at my dog’s and thinking tht woman lost her flipin mind i was confused .something that simple simply frustrating me but it was like good grief i had to ttake a if anyone has these moments you are not alone

  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Nancy, I feel you. Sometimes the most joyous day is a day full of sweet, simple, familiar tasks that allow some blessed peace of mind.

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely story. We’re glad that you’re here. -Warmly, Donna ( team)

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