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Still Blessed living with MS

Hi!!! I’m a 32 year old wife and mother of three who was diagnosed with MS on December 9, 2013. I developed vision loss in my left eye and lost my mind. I went to the eye doctor, who did an exam and took X rays. He couldn’t see anything on the outside so he said it had I be behind the eye. He said it could be Optic Neurits. That was my first time hearing the term which is now apart of my vocabulary and life. He then sent me straight to an eye specialist who ordered a CT scan of my brain. I didn’t know what all this meant. He looked worried. I still thought I could get a prescription and go home an call it a day.

Long story short, my life changed that day. I remember every nurse, every doctor, every receptionist I came in contact with that day. I call them my first responders. There are a few more first responders I think about daily. That’s my husband, my mom, and my Pastor who drove three hours to come be with me. Last but not least my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was there with me wrapped in his arms. Wiping my tears, soothing my fears, and letting me know that this is a part of your testimony. So with that being said, I may be blind, Iay be I’m pain, & Iay have MS, but I still BLESSED!!!!

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  • Cathy
    5 years ago

    Keeping positive and believing that God has our back is the only way to go. Blaming God and saying why me? doesn’t get us anywhere. We are all put on this earth to learn and our journey will involve strength, courage, love and so many other virtues. We have to make the best of ever day and do the best we can. You have a great attitude and I love that!

  • CatMom
    6 years ago

    Andrea91, what a great post. Your MS journey is just beginning, but with your attitude you’re going to do just fine. Stay positive, take each day as it comes, and trust in the Lord.

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