Crawling sensation on scalp

  • By Tinklecrawly

    Hi people, I joined this site last year because it was suspected that I have MS, but after an MRI (showing 2 small lesions) and a (useless) 10 minute consultation with a neurologist it was concluded that I suffer from silent migraines.

    By now though I have serious doubts about this diagnosis, since I also have symptoms which don’t match with migraine (sudden debilitating fatigue, muscle spasms and ‘the hug’) but with MS, alongside most of the other symptoms mentioned on this site.
    I also have this intense crawling sensation on my scalp, like an electrical current rippling over my head, mostly from the back towards the front. I would be happy to hear if anyone else in here recognizes this since I’m wondering if it is one of those odd symptoms which aren’t on the official list but are common among patients anyway.

    Apart from that I also experience a sort of ‘brain zaps’ especially when I’m lying down at night to go to sleep. It’s a really bizarre feeling, like my brain is jolting inside my skull. This waxes and wanes over the weeks and months, like the other symptoms. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Thanks for reading so far, I’m trying to get some more clarity since I am contemplating on getting a second opinion. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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  • By Erin Rush Moderator

    Hi Clarity! I am sorry your diagnosis hasn’t offered you any helpful treatment options. I think you are well within your rights as a patient to seek a second opinion. If you are interested, you can check out our sister site dedicated to migraines to see if your symptoms and issues line up with migraine symptoms —

    Also, there is a diagnosis called Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS), which you can read more about here —

    Your crawling and zapping sensations could be any number of things, as people living with MS do frequently experience a variety of tingles, shocks, and numbness through out the body. Here is some information on MS related pains and tingles that you may find interesting —

    While we cannot provide medical advice, for your safety, I would reiterate that you can definitely seek a second opinion if you are not happy or confident in your original diagnosis. It’s okay and smart to advocate for yourself and your overall health!

    Good luck and please keep us posted!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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  • By MS2006

    I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2006. I have the tingling, crawling sensations on my scalp. I also have the brain zaps. A sharp, sudden stabbing pain in my brain. It can be once or a few times in succession. Very strange sensations. I hope you had a second opinion from a MS neurologist.
    Take Care,

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  • By Tinklecrawly

    Thanks Erin and Shari. I’m going to have a look at the links Erin, thanks for those.
    Shari, thanks you for sharing your experiences, it is really helpful to know from first hand that it could be related to MS. I still haven’t had a second opinion since I’m completely broke. I will get some money next month and am thinking to spend it on a consultation though I’m very sceptical since the consultations I had up to now were completely useless. Both neurologists were hardly interested in my complaints, but I’ll try and find a good one via the patients organization in my country.
    I hope you do receive an adequate treatment Shari, take care.

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  • By ficutlo

    Hi Clarity. Last year I had two major electric shocks in my brain. Brain scans didn’t reveal anything. I went to my Chiropractor. He said I have loss of curve in my neck and some degeneration of one of my vertebrae. Our bodies can heal both with proper chiropractic adjustments and some daily physical rehab. The shocks stopped immediately after the chiropractic adjustments. Re crawling feeling, I had that too, I got rid of it by applying Frankincense oil to my scalp four times per day (you have to mix it with carrier oil, read up on it before mixing). Frankincense oil can heal your nerves, it’s been around for thousands of years for a reason b/c it’s a “holy ” oil with multiple applications, it even works at the cellular level. I was very frustrated with MD’s also, you’ll get much worse or die before you find one that truly cares or is open minded. Good luck to you!

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    • By Tinklecrawly

      Thanks for the tips ficutlo, I already went to the chiropractor in the meantime and though it didn’t completely solve the tingling it definitely got less.
      I just bought some Frankincense oil and will try it, if it doesn’t work out at least I will smell wonderful:-).

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  • By Binkyboo

    Research Morgellons Disease. Read through a few websites before forming an opinion, as it is different for everyone. However, there are staple symptoms. Good luck

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    • By Tinklecrawly

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think it is morgellons Binkyboo. It isn’t a skin thing but more of a neurological phenomenon, it feels ‘electric’, like it is coming from the nerves.

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