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HI My Name is

  • By RamonhG

    Ramon Hyron Garcia, I have been dealing with RRMS since 2003, in 2010 I became seriously Ill due to MS and the Flare up. It Had sent me to the E.R where I stayed fr 3 months relearning how to walk, talk, learn to use the restroom again, any way LONG story shorter They expected me to pas since i lost 95% of my body function and was NEVER expected to walk, I was then admitted to a Hospice….

    Well here i am 3 years later I have written 2 books on how I used Diet <Thank you Dr. Wahls> a Great attitude <Thank you Mr. Montel W.> and other as i call it Pieces to the MS PUZZLE. here are my 2 book links I Pray can help you Find YOUR PIECES to the Puzzle.

    Both have kindle, ebook , I-reader version’s its 2 books in my 3 part series I truly Hope and Pray they Help you…