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How do I afford MS?

  • By Azjackie

    I don’t know how to afford this disease. I am 45 years old, diagnosed 1/2008, never married, never had childeren. I was on AZ Medicaid, running smoothly for 2 years, then bombshell. Due to Obamacare my Neurologist stops accepting Medicaid patients, I get terminated from my 20 year career for not meeting a quota, and the stress makes me feel like the “Walking Dead”. After the loss of my job I received assistance from the drug manufacturer while looking for another job with benefits. My doctor convinces me to apply for SSDI as “work is killing you”. I find another Neurologist upon first appointment hands me a letter he too is dropping Medicaid patients. Boom another bombshell. Then I get a Medicare card and booklet describing a premium, copay, coinsurance, deductible. My Medicaid will end 4/1/2016. Now I need a neurologist, can’t afford Medicare, and can’t afford my prescriptions. I may as well crawl under a rock somewhere.

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  • By Lisa Emrich Moderator

    Hi Azjackie,

    I’m so sorry that you’ve been hit with so many disappointments and challenges. I encourage you to keep approaching the drug manufacturer about assistance. Here are also some programs that may also be able to help. If you have the resources, you may also want to talk to your previous neurologist about potential discount for cash self-pay for visits. You may be able to negotiate a reduced rate.


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    • By Azjackie

      Thank you Lisa for the ideas. Unfortunately I have tried them all. I have been through this problem twice. Just when you think you are following the guidelines the federal and state governments change making it more difficult. I am tired.

      Drug manufacturers do not provide payment assistance if you are on Medicaid or Medicare. Medicare charges premiums for part b (to see a doctor) and d (prescriptions), deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance from SSDI. SSDI is used for utilities, food, and fuel.

      I am currently on AZMedicaid. AZMedicaid does not permit a specialist to refer to another specialist. They require you to obtain a referral from a primary care physician. For AZMedicaid to pay for the $7,000/mo prescriptions (2) the specialist writing the prescription must accept AZMedicaid.

      Because of Obamacare primary care physicians are no longer bound by their Hypocratic Oath and do not accept and drop their poor (Medicaid) and elderly (Medicare) patients.

      Patients living on SSDI can not obtain a doctor, can not afford insurance, by no means pay for prescriptions and tests. They are forced to not have insurance to qualify for drug manufacturer and testing facility financial assistance, and try to save cutting the food budget for cash paid physicians to write the prescriptions. Or patients stop treatment and become a MS statistic. Or patients are wealthy able to afford $7,000/mo prescriptions $90 physician appointment 1/year, $8000 MRI 1/year & $1500/mo utilities. Or try to find work no greater than $1000/mo to continue to qualify for SSDI.

      This sounds negative but I am a cheery person in everything but this disease. I live day by day holding on and fighting this until I can no longer.

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    • By jaxx

      Hi, know this is late…I feel your pain!! I have MS it is so hard! I was diagnosed in 2001 My Dr. was telling me the same..He was right…I didn’t stop working until Sept 2016…I should have listened.
      I’m but going thru this crazy Medicare scare right now..I don’t know whether to stay on Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage
      I can’t afford the MS meds.either..I’m trying to get help it’s going into effect 3/1/19

      I also was mugged so I take Dilantin…& with that I was never able to have kids..I do feel your pain…we have a silent disease that no one sees but us. It’s neurological so it takes a toll on our nervous system…it’s ok to be upset. Take care!!

      ….Can anyone help me choose..I really cannot any of the plans with taking any MS med

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