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General Discussion

MS without brain lesions???

  • By Dachmosgirl

    Hello all!
    I do not have a formal diagnosis of MS, however I have several doctors who have been highly suspicious of it with my symptoms. Unfortunately most of my symptoms didn’t come on until after a car accident and that seems to by why there is so much hesitation in ordering tests etc. To my knowledge all the other mimics have been ruled out via lab work. I’ll list my symptoms as to not make this post a million years long:
    Chronic persistent headaches
    Neck and back pain
    Severe weakness in right leg causing altered gait
    Tingling in face and extremities
    Vision changes
    Hyperreflexia on knee jerk
    Abnormal pupillary reaction in left eye

    (35 yo female btw)

    As ive mentioned I have had several doctors who were pretty insistent clinically that I have MS, but were not comfortable making the call bc I dont have lesions on brain MRI. This has led me to be pushed around from doctor to doctor with no answers.

    Have any of you been diagnosed regardless of having a “normal” MRI?
    (I put normal in quotes, bc I do have a Chiari malformation of 6mm, but was told time after time that it wouldnt cause all the symptoms I’m having.)
    I’m scheduled for another lower extremity EMG this week, but I was told to push for a spinal tap/lumbar puncture. Would this be the correct course of action at this point??

  • By Donna Steigleder Moderator

    @dachmosgirl I’m sorry; I just saw this. You are correct in your plans. Yes, you can have MS without lesions being seen on an MRI if the MRI is not sensitive enough to pick them up. Here is an article about that you might find interesting.

    Hopefully, by now you talked the doctors into the other testing but if not maybe this information can be used on your next appointment. We have more information available about MS if you have additional questions. Best wishes. Donna Steigleder, Moderator, Multiple Sclerosis, multiple