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Having a Dog When You Have MS

Having a pet can make such a positive difference in your life, especially if you have a chronic illness like MS. Ferdinand the rescue pup joins me and Aimee while we talk about our lives with MS, and what he means to me as a companion. Also feel free to check out first video we shared for MS Awareness month last march, here.

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  • potter
    3 years ago

    Right before I was diagnosed we had to put our 21 year old King Charles Spaniel to sleep because he was in so much pain. Several weeks later my husband said he couldn’t stand not having a dog and wanted to go to the humane society rescue. I knew the real reason, he thought having a dog would help me cope with the diagnoses. We got a terrier puppy despite being told by the shelter we were to old to have a puppy. (We were 55.) Oskie is my buddy fortunately he is a laid back dog that just likes to hang around and sleep. I like to play ball better than he does. We have a doggie door that he can go outside anytime he wants. We trained him with a self feeder and waterer so he regulates how much food he eats. You have to train them to eat this way when they are a puppy. We can leave him alone for a couple of days or hire a pet sitter to check on him if we are gone for a extended time. He is my best bud, does everything I tell him to do and loves to do tricks for treats. I am going to get off the computer and go give him a good petting. Potter

  • Julie
    3 years ago

    I bought my husband a German Shepherd for his birthday one June. By August I was diagnosed with MS. She was my constant companion for 15 years seeing me through good and bad times. My husband left me (and the dog). More than one day I held her while I cried. Dogs are so loving and care about us almost as much as we care about them.

    But I agree with the comment that we have to make sure we are able to take care of any animal we have. They deserve an owner that can meet their needs. Taking them out to do their business, feeding and watering them, brushing them. These all take time and energy. Make sure, for the sake of the dog that you can care for them.

  • Monk
    3 years ago

    Glad to see Ferdinand got his time in the spotlight. He looks so calm and very sweet.

  • Vicky1925
    3 years ago

    I also adopted a rescue dog. Toby is a poodle mixed with dandi dinmont. He is about 30 pounds. He helps me stay centered, and active. On good days we take our walks using rollator walker on not so good days we take my scooter. Toby walks well with both. On bad days he’s my snuggle buddy. He just seems so attuned to my needs. Can’t imagine Dealing with MS without his help.

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