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Let’s Talk about Mental Health

Mental health and physical health are often linked, with one impacting the other. Mental health, in particular, can be difficult to talk about with others, leaving people isolated and without much support. Are you comfortable talking about your emotional and mental health?


  • RobWelsh
    2 years ago

    Well, the awareness of a body that don’t function right is depressing. Asking patients about that is borderline psychotic. Answering may be even worse.

  • Heitz
    2 years ago

    I will talk about it. I at this point want, so desperately, some help with the depression. MS is what it is. No “real” help. It is a part of me and will be forever.
    I would just so like to perhaps accept that reality entirely and move on.

    Help me with mood swings, anger, thinking about wanting to die. Self esteem, worth. Yeah, I will talk about it. BUT Help me! Don’t just say MS and meds cause this and send me on my way.

    I leave thinking the Neuro docs got a good thing going. Sit and talk to you for a couple of minutes, tell you to go to your primary, renews your script. Big bucks for that and 15 minutes.
    Talk about all that as well. What a waste.
    I know now my primary CAN renew my MS med.
    He doesn’t know squat about MS but he is easily pushed around. Gives me what I want, except I am still crazy. Whoa, sorry, I have a lot of feelings about my mental health, more than my MS. Feeling trapped.

  • Michraf
    2 years ago


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