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Living with MS is Like…

One of our regular contributors, Devin Garlit, wrote an article called “My Muddy Multiple Sclerosis” in which he compared living with MS to having to wade through an invisible vat of mud, sapping his energy and taking over his brain. Many of you related to his analogy and shared how you describe to others how MS affects you, both physically and mentally. We created a video to illustrate some of your spot-on descriptions with the hope that it will help friends and family better understand what those with MS experience on a daily basis.


  • Richard
    2 years ago

    My analogy is walking on a tight rope bare-footed. Pain of the wire, standing up and getting balanced, walking carefully so as not to fall. All of this requires total concentration and focus. All muscles and the brain are used. Result, physical and mental fatigue, stress, pain. Oh, I just went to the rest room. You want me to carry a glass of water from the kitchen?

  • Alina Ahsan moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Richard, thanks for sharing this analogy – it really describes just how much MS can impact every little thing.
    -Alina, Team Member

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