Patrick Leer

By Patrick Leer - August 14, 2013
Sitting in the waiting room I listened as Patti reinvented the boundaries of cursing, swearing and yelling even with her own daughter trying to help before another mammogram bit the dust …... READ MORE

By Patrick Leer - June 20, 2013
Mobility is archetypal yet with Multiple Sclerosis as ambulatory symptoms progress, falling becomes the dominant danger while contractures are the stealth enemy lurking inside the solution. Lacking a National Health Service, here... READ MORE

By Patrick Leer - June 13, 2013
‘Unicorn in a cage’ was a popular phrase in the late 80’s early 90’s to motivate MS fundraising before maintenance meds signifcantly changed the focus for some. Living with MS as a... READ MORE

By Patrick Leer - March 25, 2013
“How do you deal the envy you may feel toward others who lead seemingly “normal” lives?” Frankly I couldn’t even tell you what ‘normal’ is anymore. People who devote their life to... READ MORE