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By Meghan Pcsolyar - May 26, 2016
They say the five stages of grief are: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance This list is one that I experienced many times growing up. When I was in fourth grade, my childhood friend’s... READ MORE

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By lady p - May 12, 2016
I was diagnosed with “MS” in October 2013 and I was shattered in a million peaces my world had just ended. The first thing I thought of was how was I going... READ MORE

By Eman - May 2, 2016
My daughter just diagnosed with MS last month next day to her birthday day, she is only 15 years old and the doctors said she was having MS 2 or 3 years... READ MORE

By Saiyuki1609 - April 22, 2016
I’m a 24 year old stay at home mom of a 3 year old boy. I’ve been diagnosed with MS 2 weeks ago, and as you can see in my title, I’m... READ MORE

Share your experiences and connect with others in the community. When were you diagnosed? Which symptoms do you experience most often? Do you have any tips to share with others? Please take a moment to share your story with us!

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