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By Laura Kolaczkowski - July 26, 2016
The theme for World MS Day 2016 was Independence and it resonates with me not just because of my own multiple sclerosis but because of other recent experiences. Merriam Webster’s dictionary lists ‘Independence: freedom from... READ MORE

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By DianneScott♡ - July 26, 2016
I was diagnosed with MS in 2007. It was around this time that a crop of MS experts was born. One day, as I struggled along going into work with my walker,... READ MORE

By jensequitur - July 21, 2016
I’ve had lots of things happen to me over the years before and after my MS diagnosis. Sensitivity to noise and light, numbness, tingling, muscle spasms, spasticity, weakness, myoclonus, cognitive problems, dysphasia,... READ MORE

By AllisonJo - July 21, 2016
“She said a good day ain’t got no rain She said a bad day is when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been” -Paul Simon We know... READ MORE

Share your experiences and connect with others in the community. When were you diagnosed? Which symptoms do you experience most often? Do you have any tips to share with others? Please take a moment to share your story with us!

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