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By Matt Allen G - April 20, 2018
I love movies. I love how they can be used to tell so many different types of stories and evoke so many different kinds of emotions, not only by how they are... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - April 19, 2018
One of the hardest things to deal with when first diagnosed with MS is the fact that, in most cases, you’re handed a life-changing diagnosis which isn’t really all that noticeable to... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - April 19, 2018
There are many moments in life that leave us feeling defeated, brokenhearted, and at a loss. The moments that leave you struggling and it hurts so much you feel that you can’t... READ MORE

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2 Answers Submitted By debbielou - April 9, 2018

I am new here and have not been diagnosed with MS as of yet. I have been having a lot of symptoms over the past month or two and my rheumatologist became… READ MORE

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By wolff001 - April 19, 2018
I have lived with MS for 20 years. The first 15 years were a piece of cake and very manageable. Stay out of the heat! Deal with the occasional limp! Feel fatigued,... READ MORE

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