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Brittany Quiroz Brittany QuirozBrittany Quiroz - better known as “A Hot MS” - is a multiple sclerosis advocate, speaker, writer, and content creator. Quiroz continues to build her brand of “A Hot MS” in the multiple sclerosis community to empower, educate, and encourage others living with the disease to keep pushing. Quiroz has acquired a unique writing style that has been widely received. Being transparent with zero filters allows her readers to connect and know they are not alone in this fight, while bringing some humor and positivity to the table. Covering topics like her nonexistent ability to control her bladder, to learning how to laugh at yourself when you fall in public - she’s not afraid to “go there.” Her goal is to bring light into the darkness we face. To allow those struggling to use their pain as fuel to keep going. To redirect how our brains cope with tragedy. To develop the skill to change the way we perceive things. “A Hot MS” strives to break the stigma attached with what disability is supposed to look like.

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