Brooke Pelczynski

Last updated: August 2022 community advocate Brooke PelczynskiBrooke began as a health leader on the community, and expanded her role as a Health Union team member.

Brooke Pelczynski is an 27 year old artist, illustrator, and multiple sclerosis fighter, based in Brooklyn, NY. She was diagnosed in 2012, the summer before she graduated with her BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Dropping paint brushes and seeing stars caused for a pretty wild senior year. She has been on 3 medications and finally finding one that will hopefully click. Since then, she has come a long way in understanding that MS may have changed her life, but not necessarily for the worst. She has spoken at Columbia University about the challenges MS has taken on her artistic life, and continues to speak openly about the struggles it will cause in the future. After being diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, her main objective is to produce as much work as possible and to learn how to adapt and be open to new ways to create.

“I never had an excuse to stay out of the heat before, and now I do. So that is a silver lining.”

Click here to view all of Brooke's comics and artwork.

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