Marti Hines community advocate Christopher GilliesIn late 2019, Ms. Hines launched the platform Marti’s MS Life as a transparent way to share her journey with Multiple Sclerosis. Ms.Hines was first diagnosed with the immune disorder in 2018 after a scary incident when she woke to find the left side of her body paralyzed. After hours of being poked, prodded, and med vacced to a second hospital, an MRI scan finally showed several lesions on the then 35-year-old’s brain and spinal cord ultimately resulting in the unexpected diagnosis.

Since that time, Ms. Hines has experienced a roller coaster of denial and grief as she watched her body take a mind of its own, feeling non-stop pain and witnessing a lack of control over her mind, limbs, vision and even her bladder. Nevertheless, Ms. Hines has persisted with God and a strong support system.

As a Black woman, it was quick to see there was much unknown about the disease in general, but more so there are heightened symptoms for people of color. With that in mind, Ms. Hines uses her voice, her position in the entertainment world of Hollywood, and her newly created Marti’s MS Life platform to shed light and be a resource for both other MS warriors and the general public to create awareness.

Follow along on her journey on both Instagram and YouTube.

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