Mitch Sturgeon community advocate Mitch SturgeonMitch Sturgeon has been living with primary progressive multiple sclerosis since 2001. He is the founder of, a blog where he writes essays about living a contented life despite significant disability. Mitch has been a wheelchair user since 2008.

Mitch recently published his memoir, ENJOYING THE RIDE: Two Generations of Tragedy and Triumph, an inspirational, humorous, and candid account of growing up with a quadriplegic mother only to find himself similarly disabled by MS later in life.

Given that there were no FDA approved drugs for PPMS until recently, Mitch has tried numerous experimental and off label treatments including Novantrone, Copaxone, oral Methotrexate, low dose Naltrexone, Rituxan, two CCSVI procedures, intrathecal Methotrexate, Biotin, and Clemastine Fumarate. He is currently receiving treatments of Ocrevus but has seen no benefit to date.

Many moons ago, Mitch earned an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and a graduate degree in business management. He worked in the paper manufacturing and environmental control fields before taking early retirement in 2009, due to MS.

Mitch lives in South Portland, Maine with his wife, Kim. They have two grown children, Amy and Zach, who were 13 and 10 years old at the time of his diagnosis.

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