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3rd Covid Vaccination

After having both of the Pfizer Covid Vaccines, I was tested for antibodies and didn’t have any. My primary care doctor got in touch with an infectious disease doctor, who suggested I have a 3rd Pfizer vaccine. After taking the 3rd vaccination, I have never felt better relating to MS and my symptoms. I was taking 40/50mg of adderall a day and I barely take anymore. I’m on Ocrevus and normally praying to have my treatment by month 4, and that hasn’t happened at all. I am now seeing an immunologist. Has anyone had a 3rd Covid Vaccine? And has anyone anyone felt better since having any Covid vaccination?
Thank you in advance.

  1. That is really interesting, @Katiebeth20! I have a friend who had Covid symptoms that had lingered for months. They all disappeared a few days after her first dose of the Covid vaccine. Whatever the reason, I hope you continue to feel well. I would love to hear what others in the community have to say. Will you doctor be checking for antibodies again? Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I have not had one but will see my neuro in September and may ask about it. She's part of a research team looking into connections between COVID-19 and MS, so this is top of mind for her. I wouldn't hesitate to get one if it was suggested. I must say that my MS has been pretty easygoing since my vax in April, though my arthritis is in a major flare, enough to seek out a rheumatologist yet again. Thanks for bringing up this subject and sharing your experience! Best wishes, Tamara, community advocate

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