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Anybody ride motorcycles still

Hey there guys,

My name is Robert Welsh. I'm 29 years old and currently being treated for my first big flare up of ms at swedish medical center. I don't have a 100 percent diagnosis as of yet but should shortly. My symptoms started in my hands with numbness in every digit and progressed to lhermittes sign which is very odd for those of you who haven't experienced it. These signs where followed by a intense brain fog and forgetfulness and week right leg. I'm super optimistic about this. I'm not going to let this thing take me down. I love motorcycles and more specifically dirt bikes. I started my addition at the age of 8 and eventually got into racing motorcross. Is there any of us out there that still ride? I understand and am okay with the fact that I might need to calm it down a little bit as far as how agressive I ride. But I most certainly not going to give it up completely.

  1. @Firebob I so appreciate your spirit, optimism, and love of the sport. Although I was never involved in motocross or any sport that has two wheels, your story is like so many others I've read who are dedicated athletes and enthusiasts and whose MS threatens to limit or totally end their participation.

    Here is a link to videos of athletes challenged by chronic illness, including MS patient Crystal Philips, on the Branch Out Neurological Foundation website:

    It sounds as though you are in touch with how MS is affecting your body, and that's important to track when you engage in physically punishing sports. I hope you'll take care, be safe, and have fun!

    Wishing you well, Kim, moderator

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