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At my wits end.

I’ve had ms for almost 10 years and I haven’t went one minute of one day with excruciating pain in both of my feet. Very painful Pins and needles / burning feelings are almost unbearable even with taking high doses of gabapentin and use lidocaine on them. Nobody ever sees the pain I hide with a smile everyday. Just venting

  1. Hi . Foot pain can be so debilitating, yet so entirely invisible to the rest of the world. I feel for you. I am glad you felt comfortable venting here. That's what we are here for -- to offer support and to give you a safe space to blow off some steam. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Change your diet you will be surprised with what it can do. It will make life bearable again.

      1. ive changed my diet still in lots of pain

    2. Hi , I am so sorry to hear that. I understand how you feel, I deal with burning pain, particularly in my legs, every day ( No matter how well we handle it, no matter how often we put on that smile, sometimes it just breaks you down. So feel free to vent as much as you need, trust me, I wholeheartedly understand it.

      1. If you've changed your diet and you are still in lots of pain you need to change it again.

        What have you eaten leading into the times where the pain is at its worse? Keep a food diary and see what you are reacting too. Do you still have dairy in your diet? If yes get rid of it unless there is a medical reason not to. Even trace amounts.

        Are you stressed?

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