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Baclofen pump

HI! I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. One of my main symptoms is tightness and spacticy. I had a Baclofen pump put in approx 5 years ago. While I think it has helped my spacticy, I have experienced extreme pain at the site of my pump. I have had two revisions to try to reduce pain. I am coming up on time to surgically replace current pump due to battery life. I'm seriously considering not replacing due to chronic pain where my pump is inserted. I don't know if it is triggering muscle spasms, or pain from scar tissue. I would love to hear input from other Baclofen pump recipients regarding there pump and any possible chronic pain from placement, or otherwise. Thank you. Monte

  1. My husband has had two pumps and has never had any pain with either. What you describe sounds like the pump is implanted next to something that is triggering pain receptors. I have a granddaughter who has facial pain due to a nerve that runs next to a blood vessel that gets triggered when the blood vessel get enlarged from excitement. It causes extreme pain from the pulsating of the blood vessel. If you have a replacement can they move the pouch?

    1. Thank you for your reply. Im so sorry about your granddaughter, how awful! My husband has had his pump moved twice and it is not in a pouch. We visit the doctor again Monday. Thank you so much for your response.

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