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Does anyone benefit from yoga?

Not sure I could do any, but I feel like I am getting really stiff from sitting so much.

  1. Hi there,
    I would have to say absolutely yes! I have not been able to go for a couple months now because of an issue that's non m.s. related but we have a very small class with an awesome instructor. She made sure that I was put near a window ledge for something to hang onto, and always had a chair handy for me just in case.
    The breathing techniques have come in useful on more than one occasion. (Sensory overload in a public place? Close your eyes and remember to breathe deep.)
    Plus it's something to do, somewhere to go and being with other people in a relaxing non threatening venue.
    Hope this helps!

    1. I would have difficulty driving someplace, but I was thinking if I could go on an introduction basis one time, then it might be something one of my children could go over the poses with me at home. I am 76 and I don't drive much anymore.

      I was trying to do the breathing thing sometime back and every time I shut my eyes, over I would go.

      At present there is no place in my city, but one to open in a few months.

      Thanks for your input. I think I will for sure give it a try.

      1. Thank you so much. I will definitely be checking You Tube. I can get in the floor and can get back up if I crawl to some piece of furniture that I can use my hands to get up. The chair would not be an option, I tend to want to and do fall off.

        Thanks for searching for me.

      2. I also cannot physically do any poses either. I met with my MS Learning Center. She showed me a couple of chair and floor poses to try. The floor was too difficult for me to get back up, but I am planning to try some chair, but it will have to be in my recliner. A chair without arms makes me want to fall off. I try so hard to remember to breathe and it is not easy for me. I will be checking the You Tube site again. Thanks for helping me.

    2. Yes definitely. I go to a restorative one and the teacher is all about people not being competitive with others or themselves. To go at your own pace etc. It has definitely helped my balance, and I'm less stiff. I can only go weekly but HIGHLY recommend it.

      1. I am unable to drive to classes. I am going to try to do some in my chair. My balance is pretty well gone. My MS Learning Center showed me a couple and as soon as I get out of this war I am in right now I am going to try.


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