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I am the caregiver for my wife. She was tentatively diagnosed with MS in 1975 and confirmed by an MRI about 25 years ago. She took Betaseron for about 12 years and did have some relapses. About 3 years ago her diagnosis was changed to SPMS and taken off the injections. She currently takes 900 mg of gabapentin and 400 mg of Provigil each day. She has been in a wheelchair and on oxygen for the last 5 years. A new neurologist recommended that she take BIOTIN 150 mg twice a day. Has anyone on the forum had any experience with BIOTIN?

  1. GeneK, I thought you might find this article on our website interesting, in regards to the use of Biotin with MS.

    Wishing you the best. - Ashley R (Contributor)

    1. Hopefully the website listed by Ashley is the one I saw yesterday, which was on still looking for trial participants with hints of results obtained thus far. There's more out there on the net. Canada, ..... My Neurologist told me to research Biotin, and wrote me a script, though you really don't need a script to get it. I've gotten it on-line from 2 places now. It is pricy (at least for my budget - not covered by insurance) at the dosage recommended 100mg/100,000mcg 3x daily. But this seems to be what is being used everywhere.
      Been where your wife is, never need O2, and refused the wheel chair, fighting with a cane. Can't really report on Biotin results yet. Only been a couple months, and I'm doing better everyday, little by little. But I attribute much of that to nutrition which I've been a firm believer in the results I've gotten from that the last half decade. Biotin is, in a way, nutrition, so I'm willing to give it a try.

      1. Hi MarkUpnorth!
        Thank you so much for sharing with us. The link provided by Ashley is to an article from our website regarding biotin and MS. Please feel free to keep us updated on any progress you've noticed with the use of biotin!

        Meagan, Team Member

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