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Broken Vertical Hold World

I've had so many, but there are some new ones, even for me in this list. BUT anyone ever had this one? I was still working and had to visit customers, project sites, run estimates, so I needed a driver, which my loving wife provided for me during this one because:
Imagine the whole world in a constant non-stop rolling motion just like an old tv with a broken vertical hold. Just as soon as it rolled up so far, bang again, and again, for the whole time my eyes were open. Wow! Was that one weird relapse...for just over a month. Thank God I do not get motion sickness! See, always look for the good side! You can find one!

  1. Wow, MarkUpnorth! That's definitely a new one to me! Although, after being a part of the community for over a year now, I have learned that almost ANYTHING can happen with MS. Almost no symptom seems outside the realm of possibility. I hope you never experience this particular issue again, although you described it quite eloquently. Though not quite as you described, many of our members have talked about various sensory overload episodes. I thought you could relate to this piece and the many comments that follow it -- Thank you again for sharing and for having such a positive outlook on MS. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I know this post is over 12 months old but I have just come across this site. MarkUpnorth you have described this symptom so well. It is one of the first symptoms I experienced and led to my MS diagnosis. I struggled so hard to explain what was going on. I went to bed one night and woke up the next morning with this. It was scary. I appreciate someone being able to put it into words. Thank you

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