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chemical invasion

as research continues to strive ever forward to combat the symptoms of ms id like to expand on altered states and the toxins that are also linked to damaging neurotransmitters or synapses in the a young man exposure to chemicals like boat paints automotive cleaning agents asbestos gel coat and many others must have damaged many of the cells responsible for protecting the immune way to permanent cell ebstein-barr disease thought to be caused by mercury in fillings .mercury poisoning .dna must be altered somewhat from all the chemicals we are exposed to throughout our lives.once these chemicals are introduced into our bloodstream i believe eventually they alter the dynonucleic acid that we are made of changing our chemical makeup making us more apt to aquire ms md polio lou gerrigs parkinsons and a host of other crippling first i wasnt willing to enter into research of this nature.for i am deathly afraid of puncturing my spinal cord with a needle.i will help all i can pleasr no spinal punctures.thats what gave me viral meningitis at 2yoa.a scratch on my spinal cord outside playing on the porch as an infant.its really that simple.

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