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Hello i am 30 and a male. I had my first symptoms when i was 27
That was the back round but i am Active Duty in the military and i have been dignosed with CIS through a civilian Dr.s at a really good hospital in St. Louis and now that I am stationed in HI the military Dr.s don't want to diagnose me when I had another relapse. I've asked for a second opinion but with no luck. Last this Neurologist just told me well I think you have fibromyalgia I know that is a blanket statement when they can't figure it out. I have had 2 brain lesions and positive spinal tap for demilantion. (SP?) I just dont know is the triedness, feeling hot as hell on the inside, headaches, numbness and tingling in my arms that's some symptoms? I'm not one to complain but I feel like I've had no answers even with bringing things up. Are there any Dr.s that might lend some advice without breaking forum rules.

  1. Hi Bamaboy94! First off, I am sorry you are in this situation! I don't have any familiarity with the protocol for seeking a second opinion from a civilian physician while you are on active duty, but it sounds like you really may want to consider getting a second opinion. Since you have already been diagnosed with CIS, you are at an increased risk for developing MS, a fact which you probably already know. Here is some information on the differences between CIS and forms of MS -- While we cannot provide medical advice, for your safety, I will say that the symptoms you described are similar to symptoms other members of our community have described. Here is a list of common symptoms people living with MS may experience -- I was unsure if your spinal tap was done by the civilian doctor or not. If so, are you able to request further testing (not that anyone WANTS to have another spinal tap done)? Would an MS diagnosis potentially affect your military career? Pardon my ignorance on the topic, but I want to consider the ramifications of your situation. It DOES sound like you could benefit from treatment for your symptoms. And, either forcing the issue with the base doctor or seeking a second opinion may be some options to consider. I am sorry I can't offer a more clear cut answer, but I do hope you are able to get the help you need. Best of luck, Erin, Team Member.

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