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Cost of ms medication

I'm still not sure if I'm posting this correctly. I'm almost 64 and don't quite understand how to do everything. Please forgive me if I've accidentally posted this twice. But my question is..when I saw the prices of the medication I couldn't believe it. How do we pay for all this. My husband and I are retired. And only have SS.
Thank you.

  1. You did it right, ! I am guessing you are new to the community. Welcome! You will find lots of supportive people here and some great resources. For people who are not on Medicare, most drug companies will supplement the cost of MS medications. It gets a bit more complicated once you are on Medicare though. One thing you can do is work with a Medicare specialist to be sure you get on a plan that covers your medications and your specific medical needs. There are an overwhelming number of plans to chose from. Your local Office of the Aging should have some names and numbers f Medicare specialist for you. Here is a wonderful article from one of our advocates with a list of agencies that help cover copays for people on Medicare and Medicaid: The list is from 2020, but it should still be applicable today. I hope this helps and you get the medications you need. Wishing you the best! - Lori (Team Member)

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